Control Google Maps With Siri Without Jailbreaking

By Sam Gibbs on at

Google Maps is finally here for the iPhone, which means we've ditched that pathetic excuse for a navigation system, Apple Maps. The problem is, when you ask Siri how to get somewhere, it opens Apple Maps. But, with one tiny vocal addition you can make Google Maps one tap away -- no jailbreak required.

All you have to do is add "via transit" to the end of your search query. Siri will then open Apple Maps, but then give you the option to pull down your "routing" information via one of your installed programs. That's Google Maps for most of us, so with a single tap, you can then fire up Google Maps and automatically get the route to your destination of choice.

It's not ideal, but without jailbreaking, that's the best Siri can do for you, well, without resorting to fabricating contacts, but that seems rather long winded (look what you force us to resort to Apple?). [YouTube via 9to5Mac]