Crazy Courts Sentences Web Designer for Piracy Crimes

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man who agreed to design a web site for a Swedish torrent site has been found guilty of copyright offences, despite there being no evidence he had anything to do with the running of the site. He just did the design. That was enough.

The case covers a chap who was contracted to build a web site for back in 2008. The court initially found him not guilty of being a copyright abuser, due to there being no proof or inference that he had anything to do with the running of the textbook sharing site.

However, prosecutors weren't happy and took it to the court of appeal, where he was found guilty of assisting in copyright infringement and aiding attempted violations of copyright law, with prosecutors claiming he must've known the site's intentions and was therefore knee deep in the crimes, even though all he did was designery stuff like decide on the colours and where the navbar should go.

Perhaps his key error was in agreeing to be payed on a forward commission basis, earning his fees based on the success of the site. That's a bit like making money from piracy, isn't it? [TorrentFreak]