Create a Christmas list that Santa can't miss!

By Your Mobile Life on at

Put yourself in the place of Santa Claus. Which kid or adult is going to get the best presents this year? The one who writes their wish list on the back of a ripped old gas bill envelope, or the one who creates a dazzling multimedia presentation using the GALAXY Note II?

Given the Note II's amazing interactive image capture and design tools, we're pretty sure it's the latter option.

With the Note II, the options to create a stunning, data-packed and visually appealing Christmas list (or any other ransom demand) are immense, turning the chore of writing down all the things your children want into a fun little game you can play together.

Seen something they might like while browsing the web on your Note II? With Easy Clip, it's child's play to cut it out and save the details for future reference, without having to write a single word.


Christmas Clips

The ingenious S Pen does all the hard work when it comes to curating your ultimate visual wish list. Pop it out of its housing and the S Pen is clever enough to know you've got a bit of graphic design work in mind, so it automatically opens up the custom menu designed to make capturing thoughts and images a breeze.

Then all you need to do is hold down the S Pen button and draw a line around any object you see on the screen and Easy Clip will copy it to the clipboard. From here, you can add it to an existing document or create a new file based around the image.

The Note II even integrates your image captures with the standard Android sharing menu, so you can send your image as a text message attachment, share it via email, or ping it straight to Santa's Facebook page (assuming that you're friends with him, of course).

It's kind of like cutting things out of the Argos catalogue and sticking them to the fridge door for the benefit of your mum and dad – only updated for the 21st Century.


A Note for Santa

To build up a real grotto of Christmas gifts on your Note II, copy your clippings into the powerful S Note app. It's easy to create huge visual collages of all the things you see while travelling the web, adding in your own text notes as you go: for mum; for the kids; for ME!

(And if the hefty price tag is visible on the image you've clipped… Well, you can always cross it out!)

The Note II also boasts a dedicated Scrapbook tool for creating simpler, automatic collages that blend your images with handwritten notes.

As with S Note, once you're done, the entire page can be sent out via the usual sharing options, so you can easily dazzle people with the sheer diversity of your taste (or simply the size of your appetites)!


Santa Draws

Finally, if what you and your kids want simply can't be found on the internet, there's always the Note II's Idea Sketch tool for creating exactly the image your heart desires.

The smartest thing about Idea Sketch is its handwriting recognition and interpretation tool, so even if you can't draw very well, simply writing "cats" with the S Pen is enough to pull up a collection of pre-drawn pussycats.

These can then be added to text and other imagery to create huge, professional-looking composite sketches that Santa is sure to understand!

In fact, with the GALAXY Note II, Santa won't just have a vague idea of whether you've been naughty or nice; he'll have a legally binding, illustrated contract from which there is no escape!