Did This Elephant Actually Eat This Poor Tourist's iPhone?

By Eric Limer on at

Imagine you're out sight-seeing in Thailand. Whoa! Elephants! Better catch some video with your iPhone. Really hold it out there for a good shot when, haha, he's touching it with his trunk! Aaaand it's gone. Sure, it'd be equal parts hilarious and a bummer if it actually happened, and while that's what this video shows, it's probably (unfortunately) bogus.

I don't know much about biology, but it seems to me that an iPhone would have to have some kind of rocket thrusters or something to race through a digestive system that fast. And beside that, this just seems to good to be true, especially the part where she fishes the filthy thing out of a pile of dung. Veracity aside, it's an amusing little skit, even if the camera work could probably be a little bit better.

So what do you think? Is there anyone out there willing to make an argument for this thing as real? Do you know something about elephant digestion I don't? Am I just hoping in vain? [Ubergizmo via DVICE]