Facebook Spam Everyone You Know a 'Happy New Year' Message Right at Midnight on January 1st

By Mario Aguilar on at

New Years Eve can get a little crazy, and if you try to wish everyone you know luck for 2013 just as as the ball drops, you will fail. Hammering out dozens of messages on your phone with your clumsy midnight fingers over clogged data airwaves will not work. Sorry.

But! If sending heartfelt messages to everyone you know is your thing, Facebook has you covered with a new Midnight Message Delivery feature offered through Facebook Stories. First, you'll need to pin the Facebook Stories app to your account. Then, the service allows you to add lists of people to whom you'd like to send a particular message. Check your spelling and hit send. Do this for all of the different groupings of friends you would send a message to.

At midnight, right when December 31st, 2012 becomes January 1st, 2013 Facebook will fire off all your messages into the Internet ether. All of your friend-quaintances will be flattered that you thought of them right away, and there is absolutely no possibility that they'll see the gesture as empty, contrived Facebook spam. Happy new year to all! [Facebook Stories via AllFacebook]