Finding your way in the world with Google Maps

By Your Mobile Life on at

Google Maps is one of the most popular applications on smartphones – with detailed cartography, a huge array of features and constant updates it’s easy to see why.

But team it with the Samsung GALAXY Note II and you’ve got a supercharged experience: with the expansive screen and stunning high definition graphics, getting where you need to go has never been easier.

Be it as a Sat Nav, in your pocket or just planning a trip ahead, let’s take a look at some of the things you may not know you can do with Google Maps on the Note II:


3D Cities

When it comes to finding your way around places that you might not know that well, sometimes it’s easier to actually look at the buildings to get a decent reference.

We all know about StreetView, which lets you see a 3D photograph of the place you’re heading towards, but did you know a number of cities worldwide are rendered in 3D from right within Google Maps?

Navigate to somewhere like London, Tokyo, New York or Brussels (with hundreds of other cities around the world included) and zoom in a touch to see the virtual world spring up before your very eyes.

You can even spin around the iconic structures using two fingers – type in ‘Empire State Building’ and the immense power of your Note II will see it pop up in no time at all.


Indoor Locations

We’re all familiar with using maps when we’re out and about…but what about when we’re navigating inside some famous places?
Google has been hard at work bringing floor plans to its Android Maps app, and the Note II’s large screen is perfect for working out where you are on a day out shopping or taking in the sights.

The advantage here is assisted GPS: using Wi-Fi signal, cell towers and a range of other information, the Note II can even tell your where you are in the building, so you don’t need to worry about finding the nearest toilet or café.

And here’s another cool thing: there are even multi-level floor plans that float in and out seamlessly thanks to the impressive CPU and RAM onboard the Note II.

So whether you’re at the museum, wandering around a train station or checking out a department store on a day out, there are over 10,000 floor plans to play with in the UK and worldwide – and you can click here to see the top spots!


Offline Maps

Let’s be honest: while data limits are getting larger all the time, we all like the idea of going offline and still getting the best out our favourite apps. Google Maps on the Samsung GALAXY Note II comes with the ability to save maps to your device so you can get access to that rich information when you’re not connected to a network.

You probably already know that you can look at the place you’re going ahead of time and save the area to your device; after all, there’s a pretty big clue at the bottom of the screen asking you to download it.

But what about when you’re in a new area that you didn’t think you’d be going to? You can set your GALAXY Note II to automatically download the zones you’re in when it’s connected to the Wi-Fi and charging your device, and that means even when you step out the hotel door and realise you have no idea where you’re going (and worse: no data connection) you can still fire up Google Maps and navigate with ease.

And with the generous internal storage limits, you won’t need to worry about your Note II running out of space either!


Syncing Starred Places

A lot of people forget that Google Maps is the same on the web browser as it is on the mobile phone. You shouldn’t though, as it offers a rich level of interoperability that will make you a power user and give you the upper hand when trying to find places when your friends are stumped.

Say for instance you’re at work and looking for a cool restaurant that evening. You’ve sent a few emails and decided where you and chums should meet, and you’ve found the place on Google Maps. Click on it, hit the star icon in the corner (making sure you’re signed into your Google account) and you’ll have saved that location to appear on your mobile too!

So when you head out of the station and everyone starts scrabbling around on their smartphones to sort through emails and typing the restaurant’s name into an app, you simply have to click on the star and you’ll be streets ahead before your buddies have even got going.

And here’s a clever extra tip: you can save starred places to contacts, meaning once you’ve visited you don’t need to worry about finding it again. Open their contact profile, tap their address and the Samsung GALAXY Note II will fire up Google Maps and send you right where you want to go.

So there you have it: supreme power, a large and high resolution display and one of the most advanced mapping experiences on the planet combine on the GALAXY Note II to help you make sure you can always get where you want to go.