Five great music apps to get the party started

By Your Mobile Life on at

With its amazing built-in speaker and lightning-fast HSDPA (High Speed Data Packet Access) for streaming your favourite songs, the GALAXY Note II is made for music lovers. Here’s our pick of must-have music apps that are going for a song.



TuneIn Radio Pro

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If you’re radio gaga, there’s no better app than TuneIn Radio Pro. Stations are broken down by category and you can access 70,000 different channels, from BBC favourites like 6 Music and 5 Live to the best US sports coverage or even Argentinean jazz.

This Pro version also allows you to record programmes directly to your Note II, meaning you can listen back whenever takes your fancy. Perfect if you’re commuting or just can’t get enough of the world’s most obscure radio stations.



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The Android version of this streaming service is an essential download for the modern music fan. You’ll need a Spotify Premium account to use it (costing £9.99 a month), but it’s a worthwhile investment, with no advertisements to interrupt your enjoyment.

An offline mode means you can sync playlists and listen back without a mobile or Wi-Fi connection, and with hundreds of new tracks added every week, you’ll never run out of new favourite bands.



£0.79 Buy it here

An app that makes full use of the Note II’s epic 5.5-inch display, Jugglr is all about creating perfect mash-ups and mixes on the go. With two mixing desks on screen, you can easily search for music by artist, album or name, before bringing your chosen two tracks together seamlessly.

With an auto-mix feature for novices, headphone pre-cueing, waveform views and a specially designed scratch engine with vinyl-style effects, it’s the perfect package for budding superstar DJs.


Ultimate Guitar Tabs

£1.86 Buy it here

Hooking into the huge supply of guitar tabs available at, this app is a must-have for anyone looking to be the next Hendrix, Townshend, Clapton or Page. There are more than 400,000 tracks available, and the Note II makes it easy to get loads of chords and notes on screen at once.

A Pro edition, available to buy in-app, offers interactive tutorials and the chance to learn your favourite songs on a virtual fretboard. Budding guitarists can also search by difficulty, bringing up easy versions of tunes to learn first.


Shazam Encore

£3.59 Buy it here

This top-end version of the classic Shazam app doesn’t just help you identify tracks you hear wherever you are. It also serves up lyrics in real time, offers tour details of bands and artists you’re checking out and plugs directly into Amazon so you can download tunes directly from the app.

Best of all, it even works when you can’t get a signal, so you’ll never be at a loss to know what’s playing at a basement bar or a holiday hotspot. A brilliant way to discover new music.