Full Star Trek Trailer: You May Nerdgasm When Ready

By Jesus Diaz on at

It's here. After the first teaser trailer, we got to see the full one. This one really goes up to Warp 11. So who is the bad guy? Gizmodo reader Thomas Steves has a very good theory, which is supported by some strong evidence and logic:

The villain is not Kahn... it's Gary Mitchell. The Star Trek Facebook page removed all my posts [about this] and blocked me from posting any more info.


The title is a reference to the season 1 episode 3 titled "Where no man has gone before". The answer is "Into darkness". The villain is Gary Mitchell, a Star Fleet Academy member and childhood friend of Kirk who, as he gains telekentic powers, loses physical sight (hence going into darkness).


Carl Urban hinted at it earlier this year in this interview.


It is an alternate universe [Star Trek]. The original TV episodes "Where no man has gone before" and " The space seed" were very similar in that they had similar themes and plots. Both guys were superhuman, both potentially marooned on a deserted planet (Gary Mitchell in Delta Vega, Khan in Ceti Alpha 5).


The official synopsis the story line deals with "One of their own" rising against them. Khan was NEVER a member of Starfleet. Gary Mitchell was Kirks good friend and fellow star fleet Academy officer. In the trailer both Chris Pine and Cumberbatch are wearing official Black federation uniforms. [You can clearly see it here]


[Looking at the trailar, I think] they are combining elements of both story lines, but the villian himself is Mitchell. Looking at the last sequence in the japanese trailer—two hands on opposite side of the glass touching in a vulcan hand salute—someone will die like in Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan. Both sleeves are blue, which means science officers.


Oh, and the blond in the clip is Dr. Elisabeth Dehner.

Star Trek nerdness overload! Do you think Mitchell — played by Cumberbatch — is the villain? It makes sense, looking at all the information we have. Thomas' banning from the Star Trek Facebook page and the fact that they erased all his posts seem like pretty damning evidence. [Vulture]