Galaxy S III Getting Split-Screen Features in Next Update

By Mike Carrington on at

Samsung has announced its plans for the next update for the Galaxy S III, with the company's Premium Suite upgrade bringing in some Galaxy Note II features to its slightly smaller Android powerhouse.

Top of the list is the split-screen option that comes as part of the Note II's software, with S III owners soon to be able to tax their brains to an immense degree with the clever twin-view tool. The Multi Window option adds a sidebar to the phone's Android OS, letting users drag in a second app to feature in the bottom half of the screen. Productivity will either double or halve as a result.

The update will also bring in Samsung's NFC phone pairing system to allow one-touch sharing of pics and videos with friends, a Reader Mode to enhance and manipulate text on web sites and even adds a Low-Light-Shot mode and some extra face-detection tools to the phone's camera. [Samsung [1] & [2]]