George Osborne Decides Smaller Cities Get to Feel the High-Speed Broadband Love Too

By Chris Mills on at

Our illustrious chancellor George Osborne is a man of the people. Honest. In his mini-budget speech today, he announced a whole raft of new, smaller cities that'll finally get to experience that super-fast broadband that us city mice already know and love, proving once and for all that he cares about things outside London and his country estate.

There are 12 new smaller little havens of metropolis that get to feel George's new broadband hard-on. The lucky 12? Brighton and Hove, Cambridge, Coventry, Derby, Oxford, Portsmouth, Salford, York, Newport, Aberdeen, Perth and Londonderry. According to the plan, they'll have 100Mbps broadband up and running by 2015, bringing all the benefits of fast broadband like more hi-def porn increased workflow productivity.

Joking aside, this is one of the better uses of the government's new infrastructure-building programmes. Fast broadband is one of those things, like sliced bread and maple syrup, that just makes everything better. Good on ya, Georgey-boy! [BBC]