Gifts for the Obsessive Gamer

By Sam Biddle on at

You have someone in your life who loves gaming. You want to get them a gift. But you can't get them Black Ops II, because they snatched that up the day it came out. Boost their gear arsenal instead.


32 GB of Kingston HyperX Predator RAM

Stick 32 GB of memory in your mate's gaming system, and they'll be sorted for years to come. This is probably the best upgrade you can give a PC gamer, pound for pound. £235 from Amazon.


Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme/All In One Liquid Cooling System

Water cooling makes your gaming rig cold and quiet--every gamer wants that. But not every gamer wants to go to the trouble of configuring a custom, home-designed water cooling rig. This all-in-one kit gives you the benefits of a liquid system without all the planning headaches. £122 from Amazon.


Razer Mamba Elite

PC gamers live and die (virtually) by their mice. And if they're still getting killed with this thing in their hands, they have nothing to blame but their own proclivity to being (virtually) shot in the head. The Mamba boasts as many customisable buttons as you can stick on a mouse without ruining it, fits comfortably in most hands, and has killer precision to line up that next shot. And hey, it's wireless. £101 from Amazon.

iPod Touch

iPod Touch

Why would anyone need an iPod when their phone is an MP3 player? Because iOS is the best casual mobile platform in existence. Sorry Nintendo. The Touch is capable of web browsing, snapping pics, and installing almost any kind of app you can stick on an iPhone, but the thing is also a powerful pocket gaming monster, perfect for trips or toilet breaks. £239 from Amazon.


NETGEAR R6300 Wireless Router

The fastest broadband connection in the world is utterly useless unless it's going through a good router--and a good router is a must for any online gamer. This beast will handle all the connections and devices you throw at it, and because it uses Wireless AC tech (so new it's not even used by anything yet), you'll be racking up kills for years into the future. £114 from Amazon.


Xbox 360 Kinect Wall Mount

The Kinect is an amazing piece of tech marred only by the fact that it's a pain to actually put in your home. With this little mount, you can stick it on the wall above your TV and forget it's even there. £5 from Amazon.


Sony PULSE wireless stereo headset - Elite Edition

Sony's own gaming earphones are pretty damn fantastic, combining snappy voice chat, cans that won't crush your ears and, above all, sound quality that's worth sparing your roommate's sanity. It's not the same as a real surround system, but it's probably the next best thing. £100 from Amazon.