Gleadless Valley Estate in Sheffield Declared a No-Go Zone By Tesco

By Sam Gibbs on at

Something tells me you might want to avoid the Gleadless Valley estate if you ever visit Sheffield. Tesco's declared it a no-go zone for home deliveries because its drivers and vans have been attacked and robbed. Some people will do anything for a bit of broccoli.

Mind you, I'm sure it's a lovely place, having never personally laid eyes on the Gleadless Valley estate. Tesco's blanket ban has upset quite a few though, not least the South Yorkshire Police, who say it's wholly unfair on residents. That might be true, but if you keep sending vans that way, and they come back slightly missing things, well, wouldn't you want to steer clear? It's got to be pretty damn bad to actually block deliveries and cut-off business because of it.

After complaints, Tesco ended up actually delivering one woman's shopping for Christmas by taxi. I'll bet that driver was super chuffed. Pedal to the metal, cos I'm outta here. [The Grocer]

Image credit: Van from Shutterstock