Google Accidentally Remote-Nukes Chrome

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google's popular Chrome browser joined Gmail in mysteriously crashing for a spell on Monday, with the cause being some dodgy server configurations that forced the desktop browser to suddenly quit.

Explaining what went wrong in a Chromium developer thread, Google's Tim Steele pointed out that the Chrome Sync Server, which keeps all your bookmarks and stuff in line, was thrown out of kilter by an incorrect load balancing configuration change. Imagine that!

The thrilling story continues, with Steele saying this flawed change interfered with Chrome's "faulty logic" that responded to server throttling request, causing it to crash.

In short, the central brain told Chrome to calm down on the data transmissions and it threw a fit and shut down completely.

Then it all came back up again and only a few people were marginally inconvenienced for a brief period of time. The end. [Chromium via Wired]