Google Maps Might Kill You as Well

By Gary Cutlack on at

Oh, how we laughed when Australian police warned users against using Apple Maps. Stupid Apple! Stupid, rubbish Apple. Except now they've warned against using Google's mapping tool as well, in case it leads coach loads of kids to their doom.

Local sergeant Nick Buenen says Google's mapping system is putting lives at risk in this wilder part of Australia, thanks to sending heavy traffic down rough country lane Wild Dog Road in the small town of Colac, which is a one-way track not suitable for things with lots of wheels and/or children hanging out of the back windows.

"My issue is it's a significant safety issue for tourists [and] locals, who are getting the wrong information from their GPSs," Buenen said, with regional police forced to carry out six rescue missions in the last few weeks. [ABC News via Ubergizmo]