Google UK (Sort of) Launches Magazine Sales on Google Play

By Gary Cutlack on at

Users idly browsing Google's Android Play app this morning saw a link to digital version of T3 magazine listed on the front page, with links inside its listing letting mag buyers view a decent list of other UK magazines. But you can't buy them yet.

Listings for mags like Edge, Wired, T3 and, er, Crochet Today come with a "This item isn't available" tab where you'd expect the price to appear, so clearly Google's about to launch magazine sales through Android in the UK, but something's got a bit ahead of something else and the purchasing infrastructure isn't fully in place just yet.

It looks like it'll be a good service, though, with plenty of magazines from the big UK publishers like Future, Conde Naste and Imagine all appearing in Google's nearly-working mag racks. [Google Play via Twitter]