Green Gifts for the Urban Gardener

By Andrew Tarantola on at

It doesn't matter whether the gardener on your Christmas shopping list has a green thumb or black, works a four-acre garden or is a windowsill herb planter; these tools will help make their victory garden a winner.


Koubachi K001 Wi-Fi Plant Sensor

Between work, family, and social obligations, there will come a time when even the most attentive and dutiful gardener will forget to check on his vegetative charges. If your gardener occasionally needs a gentle reminder, check out the Koubachi Wi-Fi plant sensor. This sensor monitors the conditions of a connected plant--noting everything from the moisture level of the soil to the amount of light it receives--and regularly reports its status to the Koubachi website or the dedicated iPhone app. What's more, the sensor can easily be swapped among multiple indoor plants and simultaneously monitor them all. £80 from Amazon.


Bionic Men's Elite Gardening Gloves

Your hands aren't built to wrap perfectly around a cylindrical tool handle; some areas press into the handle harder than others, due to how the hand's bones are assembled. The result: blisters. A heavenly host of them. The Elite gardening gloves from Bionic, however, feature strategically-placed padding to even out these peaks and valleys of pressure to reduce the occurrence of blisters and calluses while giving you a stronger, surer grip on that hoe. £30 from Amazon.

One Moment

One Moment Shoe

Crocs? Really? It doesn't matter if you're gardening or not, nobody should have to endure the humiliation of wearing those silly rubber slippers. Especially not when you can pick up a pair of stylish One Moments for less than a tenner (so you won't feel guilty wading through mud and muck in them!). Plus, they're made from vegetal polymers (plastics derived from vegetable oils), fossilized carbon, and recycled cardboard so you can simply bury them when you've worn them out or are tired of lording these overtly environmentally-conscious shoes over the other volunteers at the community gardens. £8 from One Moment.

The Essential Urban Farmer

The Essential Urban Farmer

Any young grasshopper can drop some seeds in a bit of dirt and hope for them to grow. But to raise a thriving, highly productive urban garden, you'll need to know what you're doing. The Essential Urban Farmer is packed with insightful tips and practical advice on all aspects of city-based agriculture for novices and experienced growers alike. £14 from Amazon.

Serravaso Piccolo

Serravaso Piccolo

Winter is coming. Those precious sprouts along your balcony are about to be assaulted with four months of rain, wind, and cold. Protect them from the elements with the Serravaso Piccolo, a miniature greenhouse that looks suspiciously like a futuristic Chinese take-away box. £24 from Daily Review Italia.



Windowsill gardens are a great option if you live in a flat -- but they suffer from one fatal design flaw: most windowsills are tiny. What most people have an abundance of, however, is wall space. With the Urbio system you'll be able to turn any vertical surface into a hanging garden; simply mount the wall plate and arrange individual planters as you see fit. They stay in place via sturdy rare earth magnets, but can easily be removed for watering, pruning, or replanting. Not yet available in the UK, but it's the perfect gift for any American relatives who are keen to get growing indoors. £47-109 from Urbio.


Bosch Cordless 14.4V Grass Trimmer

Do women tell you that your garden is adorably petite and that most prefer men with small lawns? Keep your little plot tidy with the mother of all wireless weed whackers. The Bosch 14.4V cordless trimmer has a 23cm cutting width, trims up to 500m on one charge, and weighs only two kilograms. £51 from Amazon.