Has Apple Just Leaked Apps for the Apple TV?

By Mike Carrington on at

Earlier we heard how Apple was adding support for a Bluetooth keyboard to the Apple TV, but now it seems Christmas apps are showing up in the Apple TV store too. Is this simply a balls-up by Apple, or a leak of things to come? Is Apple finally going turn the £100 Apple TV into a killer, app-loaded living room console-come-streamer?

Spotted by Mac OS Ken, the holiday 'Apps and Games' appear in one of the store banners, but there's nothing there when you click through. There are three options here. Either Apple could have cocked-up and these app banners are squarely aimed at the iPad and iPhone, or Apple's got apps in the pipeline for the Apple TV, and this slip is just an indicator of what's to come. Finally, Apple could be using the Apple TV simply as an ad platform for the iPhone and iPad, and that would well and truly suck.

Anyway, with a keyboard, apps and games, Apple's 'hobby' could suddenly be an absolutely killer device. I guess we'll find out sooner rather than later. [Mac OS Ken via 9to5Mac]