Haven't You Got the Message Yet? Don't Advertise Your Bloody Parties on Facebook

By Chris Mills on at

Look, we'll say this one more time, and one more time only: if you're having a shindig to celebrate the passing of another year, don't put all the details on Facebook. It'll only end badly for everyone involved --  like it did for this revelling idiot.

The recipe, as always, was exactly the same: douchebag decides to have massive birthday party; douchebag advertises the party to all his douchebag-friends on Facebook and Twitter (and probably Instagram and MySpace and Bebo and Friendster, to be honest); thousands of people turn up to nick douchebag's booze, and spill out onto all the surrounding streets; police turn up (not because they like a free party, mind), and get pissy at massive crowd of drunken morons; douchebag responsible for the whole thing gets in trouble with the law (in this case, a 12-month community order and a 8-week curfew, for "causing a public nuisance").

It's exactly the same, every time. So unless you're one of these people who wears their ASBO as a badge of honour, DON'T PUT YOUR PARTIES ON FACEBOOK. Got it? Ok. Good. [Telegraph]