Heads Up, London: Wi-Fi Will Be Landing In Black Cabs for Your Gangnam-Style Streaming Pleasure

By Chris Mills on at

You know what I like to watch on the way to meetings? Awesome motivational videos like this. You know what sucks? Having to watch the buffering symbol on my phone instead. If, though, you take a black cab to meetings in London (you fat cat you), your troubles could soon be at an end, with the traditional black cab now set to moonlight as a free Wi-Fi hotspot. Bring. It. On.

The programme's being run by a UK-based startup called Eyetease. They're rolling out ad-supported Wi-Fi into the black cabs you know and love over the course of the next two years, having just received permission from TfL to start working the magic. The 'magic' will actually consist of MiFis bolted into the back of cabs that you can connect to. The funding comes from ads, so you have to suffer through a 15-second ad for the pleasure of  bathing in rapturous Wi-Fi for 15 minutes-- sounds like a decent deal to me. The service will also be sponsored by "a global credit card company and a leading mobile phone manufacturer" (I'm willing to bet Visa and Samsung, after their Olympic success).

The service should also help beleaguered cabbies -- according to some sources, using taxi apps is doubling their monthly phone bills. CabWifi should help with that, as it gives the cabbies a separate login that they can use for the cab apps/to catch up on Eastenders while they're waiting for the next fare. So, all in all, it looks good -- I'm just waiting for the first horrible crash to happen when someone tries to tailgate a cab for miles just for the free internet. [Eyetease via TNW]