Hi, resolution! Take an 8MP photo every day in 2013

By Your Mobile Life on at

So, you've got a GALAXY Note II and you're keen to start taking photos with its amazing 8-megapixel camera. But what to take a picture of? Well, how about EVERYTHING?

Face it, you won't be going anywhere without your trusty Note II by your side, so there's nowhere you can't capture a few candid snaps or take the time to frame a mini masterpiece.

So why not make it your new year's resolution to take at least one picture every day in 2013, and to try to shoot as many different things in as many different ways as possible?

Different times of year lend themselves to different types of photography, so here are some subject matter and style suggestions to focus on in the months ahead…

January: frame your friends

Why not start the year with some portraiture? Snaps of your friends can easily be added to your Note II's address book, so it's practical as well as lots of fun. Tell your subjects to express specific emotions the moment before you take their picture for some guaranteed hilarious results!

February: explore your dark side

The sun doesn't stick around at this time of year, so it's easy to take pictures of the same scene by day and by night. Capturing a cityscape or a busy street in this way can result in some fascinating contrasts of light and dark, especially if there's some snow on the ground by day.

March: get on the move

Overcome the fear of blurred photographs by embracing action photography this month. Go to a football match, photograph your friends jumping in the air, or get on the move yourself, taking pictures from a train or the passenger seat of a car. Every now and again, you'll get something really good!

April: watch the birdie

Get back to nature in spring as migrating birds return to the UK after a winter away, providing exciting photo ops for hardcore birders and a fun challenge for those of us happy to simply snap a sparrow in the local park. You'll become stealthier as the month goes on, and get better photos as a result.

May: get in shape

Don't worry about what you're photographing this month – simply what shape it is. Instead of looking at buildings and people as a whole, think of them in terms of curves and angles and go for close-ups that take them out of context. You'll be surprised how arty the everyday world can look!

June: events, dear boy

Even if you can't get tickets to Wimbledon or Glastonbury, there's always something going on around you. Spend this month thinking like a photojournalist, and you'll soon discover that every picture tells a story, even if it's just that one about your mates down the pub.

July: shoot the shadows

Take advantage of the summer sun to play around with shadows and silhouettes and see just how dramatic everyday objects can look with the right balance of light and shade. Go for hard contrasts rather than subtle grades, and keep an eye out for interesting effects caused by windows and blinds.

August: see the big picture

Do justice to the sun-soaked vistas of your summer holiday by swapping solo snaps for some genuine panoramas this month. Simply stand on the spot, take a photo, then turn slightly, and take another. Keep going and you'll soon have a patchwork panorama you can assemble in S Note!

September: shoot from the hip

You've probably heard of lomography and seen the various apps [https://play.google.com/store/search?q=lomo&c=apps] that emulate it. But did you know it's a movement with its own set of rules? They include taking your pictures from the hip, rather than looking through the viewfinder. Give it a go this month and you'll get a whole new angle on the world!

October: back to nature

Autumn is all about change in nature, as the leaves turn golden, fall and decay. Chart that change by finding a park or garden scene near your home and taking its picture from the same spot every day. Visit at different times to see different light effects, and try to capture different weather conditions.

November: colour me good

The onset of winter can be a dark, drab time, so spend a month photographing just your favourite colour. Try to find it in different contexts (in nature, in fashion, in food, etc) and in different shades, in vast expanses and as a barely glimpsed speck in an otherwise monochrome scene.

December: festive fun

Create your own advent calendar by taking a festive photo every day and sending it to a loved one. Even if you only include traditional things like Christmas trees and mince pies, the skills you've gained throughout the year will be sure to keep it fresh and interesting!