Highly Productive Gifts for the Workaholic

By Eric Limer on at

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But maybe Jack doesn't care. Maybe Jack is already a dull boy and is chiefly concerned with his workflow efficiency.

Sometimes the Jack (or Jacqueline) in your life just can't pull out of a taking-care-of-business binge. Here are some gifts to help this busy bee keep his head on straight. It's time to be an enabler.

ADATA DashDrive Elite USB 3.0 500GB

Cloud storage is fine, but a good workaholic would never trust something so nebulous as to take its name from mere water vapor. That's where the DashDrive comes in. With a whopping 500GB of storage and a slim, portable form-factor, your workaholic can not only backup, but keep that backup handy at all times. Consider it your chance to be a life-saver this holiday season. £64 from Amazon

AeroPress Coffee Maker

Ain't no workaholic can get by without coffee, but that doesn't mean they should have to suffer through crappy stuff or waste bunch of time on a pour-over. An AeroPress coffee maker delivers a nice, high quality cup of coffee with only a little bit of effort. Keep that work-fuel flowing. £20 from CreamSupplies

Logitech K810 Bluetooth Keyboard

One oft-neglected key to efficiency is getting really intimately acquainted with your keyboard. After all, you're spending so much time together. The Logitech K810 will go steady with your workaholic by letting him easily switch between three different Bluetooth devices at will. Just try not to get jealous of their relationship. £95 from Amazon

Livescribe Sky Smartpen

There's not much that hasn't gone digital, but there's still some good old-fashioned pleasure to be had writing with pen on paper. Dull-boy Jack is sure to know this well. But organizing and archiving written documents is a huge hassle. A Livescribe pen will push even the most errant of scribbling to Evernote so that hastily scribbled phone number can be retrieved when it turns out it WAS important after all. £160 from Amazon

Hyperjuice Plug

No workaholic (no one in general, really) should have to suffer from a dead device. With the Hyperjuice Plug on hand, your workaholic will never through another dead-phone temper tantrum again. Once it's all charged up, your workaholic will be able to cut the cord without cutting the power. £175 from Amazon


Homedics BKK-200 Shiatsu Lumbar Massager

Someone who sits in an office chair all day wants only three things.

1. Lumbar support.
2. A massage.
3. To not have to sit in an office chair all day.

Two out of three ain't bad, and the Shiatsu Lumbar Massager can deliver. Just be wary of making that chair two comfortable. Your workaholic might fuse into it. £130 from Jane's Tote

Dyson Bladeless Fan

Just because you're not moving doesn't mean desk work isn't sweaty work. Whether it's time to sweat deadlines, sweat emails, or sweat the small stuff, a desk fan will keep your workaholic reasonably sweat free and reasonably happy. The Dyson fan does all this and more, while at the same time looking svelte and awesome. £200 from Selfridges