How To Dominate Your Ugly Xmas Sweater Party (With Technology)

By Brent Rose on at

Holiday parties are fun, full of boozy eggnog and good cheer, but there's too much ugly sweater one-upsmanship. The winner is inevitably whoever found the ugliest old thing at the Salvation Army. Nuts to that. Blow everyone's mind with this high-tech solution.

Our NASA engineer pal Mark Rober is at it again. Remember his interactive Halloween costume from a couple months ago? Well, this is the peace-on-Earth, goodwill-toward-men version, and in kind, he's made it completely free. You simply download the Digital Dudz - Christmas app for your iOS device, print out one of the hi-res images he included, iron it onto a sweat shirt, cut a hole, and blam, you win your party.

Obviously, it's going to take a little bit of craftiness if you want a yule log sweater like his in the video, but if you're low on time the image for the iron-on looks good, too. There are three other designs you can choose from, as well. You can download the iPhone version here, and the iPad version here (sorry, no Android this time). Now go show those lo-fi ugly sweaters who's boss. [Mark Rober]