If You Want Me To Sing In Public You'll Have To Do Better Than a Free Coke

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Coca-Cola has long been associated with the holidays: from polar bears with questionable diets, to the myth that the company created our modern image of the man in red. But this year the company's Christmas marketing efforts completely miss the mark. Instead of turning caffeine addicts into spies for a free bottle of sugar water, Coke vending machines in Europe are giving out free soda in exchange for karaoked Christmas carols.

Usually getting something for nothing is great, but in this case the Cokes are far from free. They'll cost you your dignity, pride, and whatever else you stand to lose by belting out carols in public. In fact, not even free Coca-Cola stock options are worth this much embarrassment. Well, maybe for Jingle Bell Rock. [YouTube via PSFK]