In Depth iMac Teardown Turns Up Glue Galore

By Eric Limer on at

Just after the iMac went on sale Friday, a haphazard Japanese teardown turned up scant details about the new iMac's innards. Now iFixit has gotten in there for a much more in depth teardown and have found lots more. As you might have expected, the 21.5-Inch iMac's svelte new frame comes at a cost, and that cost involves a whole bunch of glue.

In addition to discovering that the glass and LCD of the iMac's display are "now glued to the iMac's frame with incredibly strong adhesive," instead of attached with magnets like previous models, iFixit also points out that iMac's speakers are a huge pain to remove. Aside from reparability issues, iFixit found other changes including a smaller 2.5 inch laptop hard drive, complete with a vibration-dampening rubber housing, a single fan for cooling the entire unit, and some other minor changes as well. Hop over to iFixit if you want to dig into the sticky details. [iFixit via PCMag]