Instagram "Sluts" Account Triggers Swedish Riot

By Gary Cutlack on at

Whinging over Instagram has been taken to new heights in Sweden, where hundreds of teenagers gathered at a local school to attack the alleged founder of a photo sharing account.

The account in question had over 7,000 followers, and was designed by its creator to name and shame "sluts" in the local area. According to The Local, around 200 photos were collected of kids aged 13 and 14, some of which were accompanied by the sex acts they were supposed to have committed.

And it gets worse. Once the supposed ID of the account's creator was circulated, a Facebook page called for anyone with a grudge to head down to the owner's Gothenburg school to administer a beating. And as a YouTube clip of the incident shows, they got as far as the school's front doors but no further, thanks to police cordoning off parts of the area.

Police say the kids went "berserk" and were smashing up cars and pulling down lampposts. And as access to the school was denied, the gang headed off, fighting among themselves, to a local mall, where it all eventually fizzled out amid 27 arrests. [The Local via Ars]

Image credit: YouTube