Instant Emergency Presents to Make You Look Like a Total Legend

By Sam Gibbs on at

It's Christmas eve -- if you don't have everyone covered by Christmas presents yet, you're pretty screwed. Well, apart from these beauties that is. Here are your not-even-slightly-lame emergency Crimbo presents you can grab right now, instantly from your computer, and look like a legend come tomorrow morning.



Want to give the gift of movies and TV but you totally sucked at getting out there and buying Blu-rays? No problem, Netflix has you covered, and for just £6-a-month too. Register your loved-one a Netflix account, pre-load it onto their media streamer of choice, and look like awesome come Christmas morning. Problem solved. Netflix.


Now TV

Netflix is awesome, but its library is, well, a bit old. Want to give the gift of movies that have only just come out, the kind that you'd normally have to pay through the nose for Sky to get, but on-the-relatively-cheap? Now TV to the rescue -- for £15 a month (yes, that's almost three-times as much as Netflix, though it's currently on special offer for £8-a-month), you basically get everything Sky Movies does, because, well, Now TV is Sky. There are loads of new movies, and there are even PAYG options, if you're feeling cheap. Now TV.



Want to give the gift of slightly more than just streaming? From £8-a-month you can get both instant streaming and discs by post. LoveFilm's streaming library isn't anywhere near as current as Now TV, but its Blu-ray library is immense. For the home theatre enthusiast in the family, it's the only way to go. LoveFilm.




They're into music, but don't have a massive library already? Gift them Spotify and give them the joy of millions of music tracks on-demand. £5-a-month buys them unlimited ad-free streaming on a desktop, but you'll probably want to get them Spotify Premium, for £10 a month. Premium lets them stream on any device, unlimited tracks, no ads. Just don't complain when all you get is Wham Last Christmas playing on repeat. Spotify.

Don't like the Swedes? Others to consider -- Rara and Xbox Music


Domain Names

Sounds lame, but you can buy someone a really awesome personalised, vanity domain name for as little as £5 for a year. Slap a Google apps account on there, for £33 a year, and you've got an even better present (shame Google just nuked the free Google apps accounts). Still, if they want a site to go with it, you can get a free Blogger site and use the URL with it, or many others. Pick your favourite blogging platform. Only takes about 10 minutes to set up.


PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus

Give someone the gift of free games for a year with a PlayStation Plus account. It's not the best present ever, but it's instant, and Sony changes the games you can play on a monthly, sometimes-weekly basis, so there's normally something new and cool to play. Plus the lucky git will get auto PS3 updates, cloud-based game saves, and a load of other small things. Works on a PS Vita too. Sony


iTunes Voucher

Yeah, buying vouchers is lame, but if they've got a shiny new iDevice or Mac waiting for them, buy 'em a voucher and let them choose the apps and games. If you're really keen, you can look like a pro and actually gift them apps straight from iTunes, but that's a bit too much effort, right? iTunes


iTunes Match/Google Music

If your loved one is tied into Apple's ecosystem, iTunes Match lets them upgrade all their music, and stream it from the cloud. It's £22 a year, and it's a bit like a amnesty for all that pirated music they blatantly have. iTunes Match

Google Music

If they're an Android user, show em how to set up a Google Music account. It's free, so it's not exactly a present, but you'll look awesome anyway, when it all works effortlessly. Google Music


Skype Premium

While Microsoft's currently giving out free trials, you can also buy someone Skype credit, or unlimited worldwide calling. Maybe they've got mates on every continent, or girls in every port, and aren't smart enough to use VoIP-to-VoIP. Anyway, free calling for them, and an instant gift for you. Skype


Driving Experiences

Stuck for ideas? How about something like a driving experience. They're not cheap, but you can buy it instantly from Silverstone, or something like Red Letter Days, and just print off the confirmation. You could even make a card to go with it out of the discarded cases from all those AOL CDs you still have littering the place. Silverstone


Tablet magazine subs

The humble magazine has evolved. It's now electronic, gets delivered instantly to you, and is available 24-hours a day. No, not websites silly, tablet mags. Yep, some people love to still read magazines, and they make a great, cheap gift if you're stuck. Loads of good ones, including some of our own, and things like Wired. Sorted, as long as they've got a tablet that is.

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