Is Apple Basically Turning the Apple TV Into a Tiny Mac Mini?

By Sam Gibbs on at

The £100 Apple TV really could be Apple's secret weapon in the living room, but it's basically gimped, especially in the UK. No apps, no browser, not much content other than Netflix and expensive iTunes. But what's this? Apple's adding full Bluetooth keyboard support? Now you're talking.

Given that the Apple TV is essentially an iPad without a screen, there's no end to things you could do with it, given apps and a keyboard. By adding Bluetooth keyboard support, and possibly support for a Magic Trackpad or something, and if you added mobile Safari in there and iOS apps too, Apple could turn its stealth 'hobby' into a Trojan horse for living room domination.

OK, so web browsers on TVs have never gone down well, but imagine keyboard support and apps. BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD, Now TV, LoveFilm, and any number of streaming apps, plus anything that needs a bit of light text entry -- Tweetbot or Facebook on your TV anyone?

We heard Tim Cook upgrade the Apple TV from a 'hobby' to 'an intense area of interest', maybe this is more what he was thinking, rather than a full-blown Apple HDTV? [9to5Mac]