It's Got So Bad, RIM's Basically Bribing People to Shift to BlackBerry 10

By Sam Gibbs on at

RIM's basically bet the house on the success of BlackBerry 10 -- if it doesn't succeed, we could see RIM and the BlackBerry as we know and loathe it going the way of Palm, and we all know that didn't end well. So, RIM's not taking any chances; it's basically bribing businesses to go with BlackBerry 10.

Included in RIM's 'incentive plan' is basically a bunch of free stuff. Free upgrades; free servers and licences, and some exciting-sounding online training and webcasts. Yippee! Apparently RIM's seeing 'tremendous excitement' from businesses over BlackBerry 10, which is good, because we're certainly not over-the-blooming-Moon about it.

It's difficult to know just what proportion enterprise customers make up RIM's bottom line, but I'm assuming it's probably quite a massive chunk. I'm amazed they've not bundled some PlayBooks in there too, but then maybe they've already given every business there ever was a whole bunch already? [Reuters]

Image credit: Busker from Shutterstock