Join "The Church" and Point and Laugh at Scientology

By Gary Cutlack on at

An independent game developer is about to incur the holy wrath of Scientologists, by planning a satirical game that superbly mocks the concept of the religion.

The amazing promotional video explains the background behind the modern religion, with Scientology's concept of levelling up ideal for transition into a bonkers video game. Earning in-game money let you pay for audits, a key part of the Scientology world, eventually upgrading your character to thetan level with all the special powers that brings.

It's pretty strong on the Scientology satire, with the promotional video claiming missions will include trying to stop same-sex marriages, the recruitment of children and celebrities, plus there's the chance to progress quicker by simply paying more money. Harsh.

If that sounds mad enough to be part of, the maker is asking for funding over at Indiegogo. It's only taken in a couple of hundred quid so far, though. Probably because it looks more like a joke than a product. [Indiegogo via CVG]