Keep in touch this Christmas

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At some point this month, you're bound to hear Mud's sure-fire party-stopper, "It'll Be Lonely This Christmas", draining festive cheer since 1974.

But a lot has changed since the glum days of glam, and now there's no excuse for having a solitary festive season.

Even if you're far from friends and family, all you need is your trusty GALAXY Note II to get you through advent and its aftermath.

Of course, we're not suggesting that the Note II takes the place of your nearest and dearest (lovable though it undoubtedly is). Rather that it has a multitude of ways to stay in touch and to keep you in the loop with loved ones, no matter where you are.


Christmas Snapping

For example, when you wake up on Christmas morning, why not take a photo of yourself with your stocking (or any other festive scene where you are) and send it as a picture message? When your friends wake up, it'll be waiting for them and inviting them to reply in kind!

Sending picture messages couldn't be easier on the Note II. Just hit the paper clip icon in the messaging app to pull in images, audio and video from your phone, or use the camera to create brand new ones.

In fact, it's so easy, you could even photograph yourself opening every present, and send smiling reaction shots to everyone who gave you a gift!


Christmas Rapping

But to really keep the conversation flowing, why not send words and pictures back and forth using ChatON, Samsung's instant messaging app?

It'll be like they're really there as your friends share pictures of their favourite presents, news of just how many pairs of socks they've received, and cheeky glimpses of the action under the mistletoe!

Unlike MMS conversations, ChatON chats won't contribute to your phone bill, as it's all done via Wi-Fi or via your 3G or 4G mobile data connection (providing, of course, you don't go over your monthly data allowance limit). Plus you can use nifty emoticons and see when someone is typing a reply, giving your conversations the real-time energy of face-to-face chats.

(Well, until after lunch, when everyone nods off.)


You Better Not Pout

Talking of face-to-face chats, let's not forget the video capabilities of the Note II.

By far the most personal way to bridge the miles between you and your loved ones is by giving them a video call.

If you're calling across time zones, be sure to check the World Clock widget before you dial. However much your family might want to see your face, you don't want to crash dinner or call before Santa has finished his rounds!

It's easy to make a video call with the Note II. Simply select a contact and hit Video Call. And if the person you want to see doesn't have a video call-enabled phone, you can still put the Note II's front-facing camera to good use.

By using an app such as Skype, you can still enjoy video calls with friends and family, so long as they have a computer and an internet connection (plus a webcam, if you want to see them, too).


A Christmas Gift For You

You can also use video on the Note II to record a festive message that you can send via email, like a 21st Century Christmas Card.

It's a handy way to cover your tracks if you've forgotten to send a snail-mail card to a rarely seen aunt, and it'll make her feel all the more special after you've missed the last posting date!

If you think a more traditional card is the order of the day, however, the Note II can help you out here, too, no matter how last-minute you leave it.

Just pop into S Note and select an Idea Note. Using the S Pen and the huge range of colours, brushes and effects on offer, it's easy to make your own Christmas e-card. Don't worry if you're artistic skills aren't up to much – the more homemade it looks, the more Christmassy it will feel!

Samsung even has a free app to help you make your own greetings cards throughout the year.


Ringing Out For Christmas Day

Finally, amid all the jingle bells and whistles that mark out the Note II as something special, it could be easy to forget that most traditional of Christmas communications: the good, old-fashioned phone call.

Needless to say, there's nothing old-fashioned about calling on the Note II, but there's a familiarity and an intimacy to a well-placed call that's really hard to beat.

Make sure you have photos set for all your contacts, so you can see their faces when they start to call – and make sure your face is in all their phones, too!

You can even get together and take Christmas-themed photos before you go your separate ways, to add an extra festive feel to your calls (or simply Xmas-up existing pictures using this free Santa Camera app).

If you're really dedicated, why not arrange to call just as Christmas dinner starts, and join in virtually from wherever you are? With S Voice, it's easy to go hands-free as you tuck into the turkey!

Whatever option you choose (or maybe you'll try them all!) you're guaranteed a very merry Christmas with the GALAXY Note II.

And when the 3G network can't cope with all the text messages being sent on New Year's Eve? Well, with Wi-Fi and ChatON ready to go, you're guaranteed a happy new year, as well!