Leaked Shots of Sony's New 1080p 5-Inch Super-Phone -- Phablets, Watch Out

By Chris Mills on at

It looks like a prototype version of Sony's upcoming new flagship phone, the Xperia Yuga, might have leaked into the wild. A Russian site claims to have got their meaty paws on one, and have published photos to prove it. It's gotta be said, this looks like one serious beast.

The phone is rumoured to be in possession of a 5-inch 1080p HD display, which would put it on the verge of phablet territory. Even so, the photos seem to show a distinct lack of bezel, so the physical size of the device could be more Nexus 4 size. Other supposed specs include a quad-core processor of some description, and a socking great 13 megapixel camera.

Mobile Review have a history of getting their hands on genuine prototypes, so although we'd take these photos with a pinch of salt, it should be a good indicator of what's to come. Hopefully, the unveil should be at CES in less than a month, so we'll have a chance to take a proper look then. In the meantime, can I make one request to people who get a sneak preview of devices like this? Use a proper freaking camera. I've had enough of your blurry, noisy crap; how hard can it be to get your hands on a decent phone camera, or even an SLR if you're willing to push the boat out. [Mobile Review via Techradar]