Making the Most of Your Media on the Go

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With the modern smartphone packing so much inside, it's sometimes hard to know where you've put all your content. But with the Samsung GALAXY Note II, you can find everything you want, without having to tap a thing.

Using the S Pen to hover over your digital media and apps, you can use Air View to uncover the things you need to find. Hold it above your photo albums and see an exploded preview of all the snaps in there, rather than having to root around inside. Or use Air View to scroll along your movie video bar -- a little pop up window shows you a preview while the main action keeps rolling.

But the GALAXY Note II is so much more than that when it comes to entertainment on the move -- it's your one stop shop for getting the best multimedia experience no matter where you are.


TV explorer

For instance, if you’ve got a new TV series you're ploughing through, but can't remember which episode you were last watching, the Note 2's video player app shows moving thumbnails from each file, so you can find the exact one you were watching without needing to jump in and out of each one. Plus it will even pick up where you left off!

And don't forget you're never going to miss a pixel of the action thanks to the 5.5-inch HD screen you're holding in your palms -- the amazing contrast of the HD Super AMOLED display means you'll get the experience of holding a big-screen TV in the palm of your hands while on the train to work!

While you might want to watch your favourite TV and movies when you've got some time to sit back and relax, today's modern user is always on the go so it's important that your tunes come with you -- and in high quality too. Thanks to up to 128GB of onboard storage, the GALAXY Note II can hold your entire music library in stunning clarity, and is also set up so you only need a simple tap to send your tunes to your pair of Bluetooth headphones to rid yourself of those unsightly wires.


Stream a little stream for me

But it's not all about what's on your phone -- you can even peruse what's on your hard drive and stream it directly to your GALAXY Note II! When connected to a home Wi-Fi network your handset will instantly pick up any networked PCs or hard drives, allowing you to browse through and choose the stuff you want to watch, when you want to watch it.

Or you could be more flexible in your viewing habits, thanks to immensely popular offerings from Google's well-stocked Play Store. Want to see how your team is doing in the football? Stream the match on ITV Player. Intrigued about watching your favourite soap while camping? BBC iPlayer will give you the fix you need over your 3G or 4G signal.

And of course let's not forget about your snaps -- the GALAXY Note II packs a superbly impressive 8-megapixel camera with LED flash on board, meaning you can get some of the best photos no matter where you are.

Once taken, you can use the S Pen and inbuilt editing software to perfect your shots before easily uploading them to your favourite social networking sites with a single tap. Add an effect, crop your image or enhance the colour -- it's all just a few swipes away when you use the GALAXY Note II.

The reason the GALAXY Note II can perform these tasks where most modern smartphones fail is the raw power under the hood: with a quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, you can essentially play two movies at once without needing to worry about the rest of the phone juddering to a halt.


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