Man Claims Orange Charged Him £6,875 to Download One TV Programme

By Gary Cutlack on at

Painter and decorator Chris Wilson got a bit of a shock when he came to pay his latest mobile bill, with the kind lady from Orange giving him advance warning something bad was about to happen -- then asking for £6,875 to settle his monthly bill.

According to the BBC, Wilson says he only downloaded one TV programme during the billed month, which was 43 minutes long. His explanation went: "I rung up to pay my bill and the lady said she wanted to warn me that the month's bill was going to be slightly higher than normal. Then she told me how much it was going to be - £6,875. I nearly had a heart attack."

The network claims he actually downloaded over 9GB of data, despite only having a 750MB allowance, and has provided him with an itemised bill outlining his media streaming times and dates. Given that you can buy an Orange SIM and 1GB of data for £30 a month, that does seem like a rather unfair bit of profiteering from Orange, regardless of whether he did or didn't stream that much content.

Wilson denies downloading that much stuff, but Orange is still threatening to cut him off unless he magics up the money, although it has taken £2,500 off the bill, leaving him to find just over £4k. [BBC]