Man Makes Classic Slapstick Error of Confusing IRON With PHONE

By Gary Cutlack on at

This sounds like it belongs in a 1970s Two Ronnies sketch, but is apparently genuine. Polish man Thomas Paczkowski is said to have held an iron to his ear thinking it was a telephone, burning half his face. And look, he's produced a vague photo to prove it.

It would appear that alcohol was involved, which help might explain things. According to polish news source, Paczkowski was drinking beer, watching boxing and doing the ironing. Then -- you guessed it -- the phone rang, and in some sort of lame sitcom comic misunderstanding that even Miranda Hart wouldn't think her audience might fall for, he "answered" the iron by mistake and burnt half his face off.

This could be a lie, but the photos of him with a bandage wrapped around his head appear to show some sort of damage to his face, although you have to question why his brain didn't automatically pull his head out of the danger zone as soon as the hot face of the iron first touched his ear.

We don't believe it. But would like to believe people really can be that stupid. [Fakt via The Register]