McKinnon, the "Biggest Hacker of All Time", Walks Free at Last

By Chris Mills on at

It looks like the decade-long saga of Gary McKinnon, the British hacker who thoroughly pwned the Pentagon, is finally going to come to an end -- with him dancing off scot free.

The Crown Prosecution Service have advised the cops that (paraphrasing here) preparing a case would be a massive ball-ache and probably wouldn't result in a conviction, so they're not going to bother. This is a big turn-around for McKinnon, who was facing extradition to the US and being charged with a whole pile of offences just a few months ago.

I imagine that the US won't be best pleased. After all, they have publicly described McKinnon as performing "the biggest military computer hack of all time"; he screwed over 97 US military computers, took their site down and stuck a note on their website saying "your security is crap". Not getting to extradite Mr McKinnon and have their wicked ways with him is one thing -- McKinnon waltzing away scot free is quite another.

Still, all in all I think it's the right end to the saga. It's taken a long time, but at least it's now over and done with. What do you reckon, has our Criminal Justice System made the right call this time? [BBC]