Microsoft Might Be Bringing Music to SkyDrive Just in Time for Christmas Jingles

By Chris Mills on at

Spotted in the wild: code in Microsoft's SkyDrive that seems to show a native music player in the Redmond giant's cloud storage solution -- looks like Microsoft's finally planning something to challenge Google Music. (But ok, it probably won't be out in time to play Jingle Bells on repeat.)

Back in October, Microsoft launched a musical phoenix from the ashes of the Zune platform, in the shape of XBox Music. Although cloud storage isn't a part of the service at the moment, it's been a promised feature of XBox Music from the start, with Microsoft saying at launch:

"Cloud Storage. Available in the coming year, a scan-and-match feature will take you beyond the 30 million tracks globally offered through Xbox Music. It will add all the music you own to your Xbox Music cloud catalog, including music acquired through other services. This means you can add almost any content you have to your personal Xbox Music collection, even if it’s not available in the Xbox Music catalog."

Although they promised this magical land of unicorns and cloud-based streaming music, there were never any indications if the cloud storage would be based on SkyDrive or not. A report published by Liveside today, however, shows that SkyDrive's code is hiding all sorts of secrets relating to a music player integrated into SkyDrive.

Although this might not seem a major development, the integration of music playback into SkyDrive -- and also, therefore, into the relevant SkyDrive iOS and Android apps -- would set the stage for XBox Music to become a challenger across the whole mobile world. After all, while XBox Music's a good solution for people with both a Windows 8 PC and a Windows Phone, that's quite a limited subset; this looks like Microsoft making the first moves towards trying to make its music service a legitimate player. Good on you, sir. [Liveside via The Next Web]