Ministry of Defence Flogging its Own 4G-Ready Radio Spectrum

By Gary Cutlack on at

Our cash-strapped MoD is about to receive a bit of a windfall, thanks to plans to sell off a chunk of radio spectrum it currently uses for emergency services.

The MoD says it owns around 75 percent of the usable 4G spectrum currently in public ownership, and it's got way more than it needs. Hence the sale. The plan will increase the amount of capacity for 4G in the UK, although the handover isn't scheduled to be completed until 2014, so there's still quite some way to go before we're all gasping in amazement at our mobile speed test results.

Philip Dunne, the minister for defence equipment, support and technology, said: "We hope that the sale will help drive the roll-out of new generation networks and universal access to broadband, both of which are vital to the UK's prosperity." [BBC via Techradar]