iPad Apps Of The Week: Mr. Porter Tux, Moving Christmas, and More

By Leslie Horn on at

It's December, so clearly this edition of the iPad apps of the week has a more jolly tone. We're equipping you for all the holiday madness, with a tool to get you dressed without looking like a tool, and a couple of merry, merry games.

Mr. Porter Tux: You don't want to look like a slob at all those holiday parties you'll be attending. Learn how to tie a bowtie, what to wear to your office shindig, and more in this guide on how to dress well. Free


Bungee Monkey 2: Speaking of those holiday parties, if they're boring and you need to escape you need a good game to pass the time. Bungee Monkey 2 is a fun one, where you have to collect coins to get more power. Which actually sounds like a lot of the Christmas parties you might attend. Free


Moving Christmas: Who doesn't like Christmas stories? Grinches, that's who. Moving Christmas is both an e-book and a game where you have to save the North Pole from the perils of global warming. How timely. Free