NASA's New Spacesuit Looks Just Like Buzz Lightyear

By Sam Gibbs on at

I've heard of science following science-fiction, you've only got to look at the iPad to know that's true, but science following cartoons? Now there's a first. NASA's unveiled its new Z-1 spacesuit prototype, and boy does it look familiar.

The new Z-1 sure looks a lot like good ol'Buzz Lightyear. Maybe someone at NASA is a closet Toy Story fan. Anyway, NASA's gone with a new design and functionality direction with the Z-1, putting a huge port on the back of it, which allows the astronauts to jump in and out of it quickly, and be able to dock it directly to the side of a spaceship or station.

Buzz Lightyear

It's not quite the revolutionary, airless pressure suits we've seen mock-ups of in the past, or in Prometheus, but it's a step in the right direction, even if it looks like the humble spacesuit hasn't really progressed all that much since the Apollo days. The Z-2 is apparently well on its way too, so we should see a few more suits in the near future, hopefully with something to match my hipster glasses. To infinity Mars and beyond. [Tested via io9]