New M25 Speeding Cameras Haven't Issued a Single Ticket Since 2009

By Gary Cutlack on at

A supposedly cutting-edge new network of overhead speed cameras installed around the M2 has failed to issue any tickets to drivers on our busiest stretches of road. Literally not even one in the last three years.

The 36 new cameras were designed to enforce the variable speed limits that pop up all over the place. The reason for this abject failure is because, despite being installed back in 2009, the cameras still haven't been officially authorised for use on the Surrey, Hertfordshire and Essex stretches of the monstrous roundabout.

On other parts of the motorway where they have been authorised for use they're simply not working, thanks to "technical" problems in upgrading the system to take the digital images from these new enforcers.

Don't go thinking the M25 is now a 120mph free-for-all though, as the existing, older cameras are still in use, and the temporary speed cams covering roadworks are also fully operational. [Telegraph]

Image credit: Motorway from Shutterstock