New Zealand Has a Dog Driving School

By Gary Cutlack on at

Yes, yes there is. Some people in New Zealand have spent a large amount of time teaching a dog to drive, with Monty the giant schnauzer here able to pull away without stalling.

Monty was chosen to publicise the cause as his previous owners gave him up after finding him too hard to handle, so the dog adoption team decided to see what he could do if trained properly. It apparently takes seven weeks to teach a dog to drive a car, a task undertaken inside using small model cars built out of crates, so they don't hurt anyone.

The doggy driving programme has been put together on behalf of local animal charity, and has been designed to show potential pet adopters how clever doggies can be if you give them a chance instead and don't just shout at them about pooing in the wrong places all the time. [BBC]