North Korea's First Video Game Pyongyang Racer a Smash With Western Gamers

By Gary Cutlack on at

Pyongyang Racer is a browser-based driving game developed in North Korea, giving us curious westerners a chance to drive around the odd landmarks of the secretive state's capital city.

Pyongyang Racer was commissioned by travel agency Koryo, a group that organises group trips to the bizarre communist country. It's not what you'd call an adrenaline rush of an experience, as there aren't really any other cars to race against. You just sort of potter about some Nintendo64-era 3D environments, collecting petrol to the sound of grating local music.

It's an advert. This is supposed to make you want to go there. And the server's currently down as you might expect. [Pyongyang Racer via Kotaku]