NuForce HP-800 Headphones Could Rule Your Desk for Not a Lot of Cash

By Mario Aguilar on at

The world really needs more desk-class headphones. By that we mean, high-quality, over-ear cans for blocking out the jerk in the next cubicle that don't cost upwards of £200. We've got real high hopes that for £110, these new headphones from NuForce might just hit that nine-to-five sweet spot.

It seems like every other month NuForce is banging out some gorgeous audio product we want to try. The company's gear isn't always perfect, but it almost always sounds spectacular. The NuForce HP-800 headphones have £200 specs for just £110 (if they actually make their way to our sunny shores, of course). They look like winners inside and out: 40mm neodymium drivers, sturdy aluminum build, and cozy memory earpads. We'll let you know for sure if they're worthy of your office space when we get our hands on a pair soon. [NuForce]