Pope Joins Twitter: Prepare to Receive Some 140-Character Papal Knowledge

By Chris Mills on at

Following hot on the heels of other such famous figures as David Cameron and Chris Brown, Pope Benedict XVI is bringing the holy presence to bear on Twitter, preparing to send down nuggets of heavenly wisdom in a more digestible format.

Though His Holiness hasn’t actually deigned to put finger to keyboard yet and start racking up those re-tweets, he already has 350,000 followers, showing that maybe all you really need to be popular is a funny hat and a big house in Italy. According to the Vatican spokesperson, the Pope won’t actually be writing the tweets himself (lest he get tempted by the satanical ways of social media), but they will be approved by the great man himself. If you want to converse with the Pope on Twitter (and face it, it's probably the closest a lot of us are going to get to God), he'll apparently be holding a weekly Q&A session with the hashtag #askpontifex.

Also, the Vatican are saying that whilst the heavenly tweets won't be infalliable, they will be a part of the Church's fallible ordinary magisterium -- basically, they will make up part of the Church's teaching doctrine. In other words, in a hundred years, your Sunday service might have some readings from The Great Book of Twitter. Bring it on. [Gawker]

Image credit: Pope from Shutterstock