Portable Presents for the Frequent Traveler

By Eric Limer on at

It's amazing that you can travel thousands upon thousands of miles in a single day. But that doesn't mean it's always fun to do—and if your job requires you to travel all the time, the strain can become unbearable. But having the right gear can really make this mobile lifestyle a little less hectic.


Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9 Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Traveling can be noisy and when you're headed hither and yon for business or whathaveyou, it's nice to try and use that time to relax. If you can. That's where noise-cancelling headphones will come in handy. Though they may not be able to whitewash all the annoyances out of travel, they can definitely help, and a good pair of headphones is always a good gift, if you're willing to shell out for them. £239 from Amazon.


X-Mini II Portable Speaker

A hotel room can be a lonely place, or an opportunity for the party to end all parties, depending on the kind of traveler. In either case, a good portable speaker comes in handy. You aren't going to want to piss off the neighbours, but it can be a nice, relaxing change of pace to just lean back and listen to some comforting tunes without having to have headphones in. That or explaining to the guy next to you on the plane EXACTLY what this whole Gangnam Style thing is. £18 from Amazon.


TRENDnet Travel Router

You've got to get your daily allowance of sweet, sweet Internet juice, but no one wants to be tied to the wall to actually do it. Thanks to crappy hotel Wi-Fi everywhere, your traveler probably knows this feeling all too well. With a cheap, small, and simple travel router, you can make sure they'll never be leashed to a wall again. Unless they're into that sort of thing for some reason. £37 from Amazon.


Kindle or Kindle Paperwhite

Reading is a great way to kill time on the go, but lugging around a couple of potentially heavy books is a great way to kill yourself on the go. On the off-chance your traveler doesn't already have an eReader, a Kindle is a great gift, and they're dirt cheap. While the Paperwhite is the best, the plain old Kindle is a great buy too, and the e-ink display makes it worthwhile even with other tablets in the equation. £69 or £109 from Amazon.

Travel Wallet

RFID-Blocking Passport Case

Really, an RFID-blocking wallet is something we should all have, but it's even more important for someone who's always on the go, especially of that go they're on involves going to other countries. This wallet will keep any and all identifying information from leaking out of your traveler's pocket and work its way to prying scanners. It's not the shiniest gift, but it's a good one. £15 from Amazon.


Duronic Digital Luggage Scale

The last thing any traveler wants is to arrive at the airport with a bag too heavy to get everything home. With a digital luggage scale, it'll be easy to check and make sure you haven't over-packed before it's too late. And if it saves your traveler even just once, it'll have been a worthwhile gift. £9 from Amazon.

Russell Hobbs

Russell Hobbs Travel Iron

When you're traveling--especially for business--it's important to know you can look sharp if necessary. No one likes rocking up to international meetings in a wrinkled dress shirt. If your traveler isn't one to leave anything to chance, a portable iron will ensure they can always look put-together and dashing no matter what the circumstances. £14 from Amazon.