PS4 Heading for Possible Spring 2014 Launch, Now Known as "Thebes"

By Gary Cutlack on at

It looks like we'll have another stonking games hardware battle coming soon, with Sony's PS4 expected to arrive as early as spring of 2014 -- a few months after Microsoft's next console appears at the end of 2013.

The rumours, coming from news site SemiAccurate, claim Sony's PS4 is now working under the development name Thebes, having ditched the Orbis name it was previously using. The machine should arrive running a CPU and GPU made by struggling PC tech firm AMD, with a 28nm die size.

It might not happen in the spring, though. Given the new nature of the chipset, manufacturing may not be up to speed before autumn of 2014, which would then give Microsoft a full year head start in the next-next-gen console battles. [SemiAccurate via CVG]