Gangnam-Style Official Live Wallpaper Keeps You Riding That Horse All Day Long

By Chris Mills on at

Are you one of the 887,453,057 people who can't get enough Gangnam Style in your lives? Do you have a penchant for incredibly unsubtle live backgrounds? Then look no further, we've found you nirvana.


What does it do?

It's an official, Psy-themed live wallpaper. Tapping the background image (a cartoony Psy) causes the elevator doors to slide open, revealing the great man himself, along with a brief little snippet of song, so everyone knows how much of a K-Pop fan you are. Notifications also get a response, in the shape of a psychedelic fantasy-horse-riding Psy announcing your popularity to the whole world.


Why do we like it?

We often get the problem that not enough people appreciate how much of a Psy fan we all are. Plus, I often get taken too seriously in meetings. This wallpaper will fix all of that. No one will ever make the mistake of thinking you're serious/not a 14-year-old Korean girl ever again. If that's not enough, the wallpaper will also change your notification sound to "sexy_lady". Hopefully your girlfriend will get the joke, and not just think you're cheating on her. £1.49 from Google Play Store. Cost to your dignity? Infinite. [TechCrunch]