Quick! Get to Brighton! See the Amazing Obscene Christmas Lights!

By Gary Cutlack on at

This is brilliant. Whoever was tasked with putting up the Christmas lights in Brighton had a whale of a time, creating a huge male genitalia light sculpture that's only visible from the right angle and also hiding "BUY MORE SHIT" inside a display.

The above YouTube video shows the classic "cock & balls" graffiti brought to life through an extremely clever light arrangement that only makes it visible when viewed from the right angle, although given that it's in Brighton, perhaps the local council actually approved the installation of a giant, pulsating, illuminated penis above its main high street.

The other incredible light bulb graffiti is unmistakably the work of a man who wants to get himself sacked, though, by hiding the phrases "BUY MORE SHIT" and "I HATE MY JOB" in other bulb masses. Fake? Maybe. Awesome? Definitely. [YouTube]