Rain or Shine: The 10 Best Weather Apps for the Note II

By Your Mobile Life on at

Alright, sunshine? Trying to find your way through the fog of weather apps available for the GALAXY Note II? Then hail to our storming selection of the raining champions!


Met Office Weather Application

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If you want a reliable all-in-one weather app, you’ll be snowed under in the Google Play store. But while there are plenty of Michael Fish in the sea, we suggest you reel in this brilliantly named app from the meteorological masterminds behind the BBC’s weather. Its clean, classy interface packs in all the functionality you’d expect, with five-day forecasts, weather warnings and interactive maps all coming under its umbrella. Ella. Ella.



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The hottest thermometer app for Android draws data from weather stations around the world to give you a real-time measure of outdoor temperature, even if you’re wrapped up indoors with the heating on. It’s accurate down to one-tenth of a degree, with results displayed in either centigrade or fahrenheit, and you can choose from a traditional-looking mercury display or a frog holding a signpost. Makes a change from brass monkeys, we suppose.


Ski & Snow Report

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Go where there’s snow with this must-have app for winter sports fans, offering up-to-date reports for more than 2,000 skiing and snowboarding not-so-hotspots around the globe. As well as the latest weather news (including first-hand updates from other users), you can also check out historical snowfall stats, view maps and trails, locate ‘powder points’ via GPS, and even preview the white stuff for yourself via a network of live snowcams.


World UV

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Ultraviolet sunlight can damage the skin and lead to skin cancer, so a free app that tells you the risk from UV where you are and what to do about it has got to be A Good Thing. This joint venture between the Met Office and the British Association of Dermatologists offers daily forecasts for thousands of locations worldwide and uses GPS to find your current place in the sun.


Marine Forecast

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Sailors may like things wet, but no seafarer should set sail without the latest weather reports, maps and videos included in this app. Unlike the Radio 4 equivalent, this shipping forecast isn’t preceded by a burst of Sailing By [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFdas-kMF74], but it does pack in 10-day forecasts for Britain and Europe, including wind, swell, temperature, cloud cover, semaphore observations, warnings and special notices, so you aren’t going to need a bigger boat.


London Air

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Whether you live in London or simply want to feel good about the fact you don’t, this fascinating app from King’s College London is a quick and easy way to see what Londoners are letting into their lungs. Powered by more than 100 monitoring stations across Greater London, it’s a surefire way to know whether to pack a picnic or a protective mask next time you go to Regent’s Park.



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Go fly a kite with this dedicated app for full-blown fans of gusts and gales. Ideal for surfers, sailors, paragliders and kite-flyers, it’s a breeze to use, with wind forecasts for more than 30,000 sites around the world, based on observations from more than 10,000 weather stations. Throw in some at-a-glance info on waves, tides and general weather conditions, and the result is a winning wind app that definitely doesn’t blow.


Piri Pollen

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If you spend your springtime suffering from the unpredictability of pollen in the air, this easy-to-use app is not to be sneezed at. Offering three-day pollen forecasts across the UK, it’s one of several free apps from hayfever remedy brands, and includes a handy pharmacy finder, an option to buy medicine online, a reminder function to keep tabs on your tablet intake, and some basic advice for allergy sufferers.


Aurora Buddy

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Heading north? Use this app to improve your chances of seeing the elusive natural light show known as the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. You’ll never forget a glimpse of this extraordinary atmospheric phenomenon, and this app offers alerts, satellite data and short-term predictions to help you see more than stars. The truly adventurous can even get data for the South Pole’s own spectacular: the Aurora Australis, or Southern Lights.


NASA Space Weather

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Don’t want to leave the house until you know the overhead ionospheric plasma frequency? Choose your outfit according to coronal mass ejections? Then this solar weather monitor is the app for you. Giving you a glimpse of things on the other side of the clouds, it draws its data from a host of NASA satellites to bring you near real-time images of the sun as you’ve never seen it before.