Resilient Gifts For the Accident-Prone

By Eric Limer on at

Everybody knows someone who's a walking disaster. Hand over a tablet and, oh hey, here's a new port in the middle of the screen. Let 'em near the TV and, congrats, now you've got a piece of modern art. You might not be able to save all gadgets from the klutzes in your lives—or even save them from themselves—but with these durable gifts you can at least offer a little protection.

Chef's Choice 220 Knife Sharpener
If your klutz spends time in the kitchen, this gift could save a finger, or at least save it some stitches. Dull knives are dangerous in the hands of the deft, and they're only more likely to wind up flying out of control when wielded by the clumsy or preoccupied. The Chef's Choice 220 in particular is nice because it can handle serrated knives as well, leaving nothing out of the equation. You could always just get some new knives, or try to get your klutz give up chopping duties, but this is a gift that'll keep on giving. £40 from CookCraft

Otterbox Cases
If your klutz doesn't already have one (or several) of these, this is your chance to be a lifesaver. Otterbox cases aren't the most svelte protectors out there, but they save expensive gadgets from even the most reckless of butterfingers. And the best thing about Otterbox is the wide variety of options; they have cases for dozens of phones and tablets, and of varying levels of bulk depending on just how clumsy your klutz is. If the safety of some fancy new gadget is of prime importance, these are a must. From £15 from MobileFun

Gyro Bowl
If this looks like a gag gift to you, you'd be right. But it's so much more than that. Sure it's sort of a joke, but it doubles as a F*CKING AWESOME BOWL, especially for the spill-prone. Granted the design is childish and it's hard to take seriously, but who cares because it's cool. It might not be the greatest gift for a real stiff, but any good klutz has a sense of humor, and this will tickle it without being a total waste of a gift in the process. £5 from HPA

Quirky Cordies Desktop Cable Manager
One of the leading causes of desk spills (aside from drinking at a desk, and who's going to stop doing that) is cluttered terrain. The more you've got on a desk, the more there is to domino into your glass, or flail to catch while spilling your coffee, etc. While you can't clean up everything on your klutz's desk (at least not for long) you can help them organize their chargers and cables to try to avoid spills and "oh god I just pulled my laptop off the desk by its power cable oh god oh god"s. £12.99 from Amazon

Headphone wires can be a source of annoyance for anyone, klutz or otherwise, and if they stray to far, they risk getting tangled and flexed in all kinds of awful ways that can lead to shorts. While Props might not be the hippest looking thing around, they are function over form and can help keep those wires where they belong and make brief moments of listening easy even with headphones that don't have a mute button. And they're a cheap little stocking stuffer. £15 (with shipping) from Quirky

Logitech Washable Keyboard
Spilling a drink on your keyboard can be a serious drag, and a food spill isn't much better. Yet we're always chowing down right by our computers, an activitiy that's doubly dangerous for the klutz. A washable keyboard however, will solve most of those problems by being water-resistant and, well, washable. You can either get that, or maybe a supply of a dozen normal ones. £30 from Amazon

Cable Ties
These aren't the most substantive gift, but they make a decent stocking stuffer and are worth their weight in gold. Tripping over wires is a danger for even coordinated folk, and the clumsy have a worse time with it. Not only can they hurt themselves, but they can totally wreck the expensive gear those wires are attached to. As long as they aren't your ONLY gift, they're a solid little addition to any Christmas load-out. £5 from Amazon